About Me

Private Practice since 1988

I work with individuals, couples, relationships, and groups, and provide supervision and mentoring to psychotherapists, EFT Practioners, bodyworkers and coaches. I have taught numerous classes and workshops in the US, Germany and Austria. I am also an executive coach and help businesses with conflict resolution, creating better communication, and developing efficient processes and procedures.

Education and Training

•MA in Psychology from the University of Colorado at Denver, 1986

•LPC license,1994

•Diploma in Process Work (founded by Arnold Mindell, PhD), 1987

•Certificate in trauma therapy from the Trauma Dynamics Institute

•Certified EFT practitioner

•Certified facilitator for Restorative Justice conferences through the Longmont Community Justice Partnership.



An “energy psychology” method that has, in scientific studies, been found to be effective for stress-related emotional and physical issues, as well as for addictions, phobias, depression, pain management, and many other problems. I am a Certified EFT Practioner, Cert-I. Please see the EFT and EFT Articles pages for a detailed description.

Process Work

A multi-modal form of psychotherapy that includes bodywork, dreamwork, movement, relationship work and group work. In Process Work, our experience is that there are things we know about ourselves and identify with and there are things within us that we are still unaware of. It is in the unconscious parts of us where necessary new information and creativity lie. As a Process Work therapist, I notice what is beginning to emerge from the unconscious and help clients bring this into their lives.

Trauma Therapy

A body-based method of working with stressful and traumatic events and relationship patterns.

Restorative Justice

An alternative to the justice system. Its philosophy is that, when someone commits a crime, many people are affected: the victim(s), the families of the victim and offender, the larger community and the offender. We gather together all of these people, including people who represent the community. Each person, including the offender, speaks of how the offender’s crime has affected them and the harm that has been caused. Then, together, everyone–including the offender–decides on specific things that the offender can do to repair the harm. A written contract is created which the offender agrees to complete.

Collaborative Divorce Facilitator

I have been trained as a Collaborative Divorce Facilitator. In contrast to many divorces, where each party has an attorney whose intention is to get as much as possible for their client no matter how much wreckage is done to their relationship and their family, Collaborative Divorce involves a number of professionals that work as a team to develop a sustainable divorce agreement that meets the needs of everyone in the family over time. Couples who choose Collaborative Divorce want to collaborate versus fight each other. They choose Collaborative Divorce attorneys who are committed to the collaborative divorce process. The process also involves several other professionals, including a neutral financial professional that helps both people and the couple as a whole to come up with a financial agreement that meets the family’s needs.

It also involves a Collaborative Divorce Facilitator who facilitates all meetings among various participants, coaches each member of the couple to help them through the sometimes difficult and emotional process in the best way possible, and facilitates meetings among the professionals to make sure that the process remains collaborative all the way through. The Collaborative Divorce Facilitator’s main goal is to help the process move as efficiently and quickly as possible, which often saves money as well as increasing the chance that the divorcing couple and their family can collaborate whenever they need to in the years to come. 




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