Ask Zoe: Can I make a mistake with EFT?

Jeanie recently wrote, “Can you make mistakes with EFT? I’m reluctant to use it because I’m afraid I might make things worse.”

It’s hard to make a mistake with EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)—it’s a very “forgiving” modality. If you’re too general, something in you unconsciously picks up useful things to work on to ease emotional pain or physical pain anyway, and you’ll be helped a little bit anyway. Of course, it’s better to be as specific as you can (see my previous post on how to make EFT effective: Ask Zoe: How to Get to Core Issues)—you get bigger and faster results. Some people worry that if they don’t say the “correct” phrases to focus on a topic, it will be hurtful, but you don’t need to worry about that. Basically, for most things, the worst that can happen is that not much will change.

The only kind of thing you need to be careful with when working with other people, is not to go into traumatic subjects that you’re not prepared to deal with—such as sexual abuse and physical abuse, addictions, very traumatic events, and other really serious issues. In these cases, things might arise that you wouldn’t be able to deal with. If you yourself have had such emotional trauma or severe emotional pain, it would probably be better to work with someone experienced.

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