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Do You Need Help Designing or Updating Your Website?

My daughter, Andreya Toub has a B.A. in Web Design, a degree in Graphic Arts and many years experience as a photographer. She’s ready to help you with your website! She is also an expert in designing business cards, logos, brochures, and anything else you need.  See her website:  or email her at .

We’re Offering an EFT Workshop!

Recreate Your Story: Changing the Present in the Past

A friend and colleague, Rue Hass, and I are going to offer a workshop combining our backgrounds and skills. The workshop uses creative new ways to use EFT with metaphor and story. We’re excited about it! For some examples of my “storytelling EFT Process,” check out my two blogposts, Creating Therapeutic Fairytales: the Mirror Princess and Creating Therapeutic Fairytales: Whirling. For more on Rue’s metaphor process using EFT, go to her website, .

Right now, though, we’re looking for a place to hold the workshop! We’ll probably need a space for 20-40 people. Since we’re hoping to keep the cost down for participants, the less expensive the better! Please contact me at or 303-444-1195  if you know of a space. Thanks so much!






Contact Zoe Zimmermann, MA, LPC, Certified EFT Practitioner

Office Address: 75 Manhattan Dr., Suite 206, Boulder, CO  80303

Ph: 303-444-1195   E:

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