EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

I am a Certified EFT Practitoner. EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything.  I am using my version of it here and have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more at zoeric@comcast.net .






EFT is a relatively simple method that can be effective with a number of issues, including:

      • traumatic stress, emotional trauma, physical trauma
      • pain and illnesses
      • grief
      • addictions
      • weight issues
      • depression and chronic depression
      • anxiety
      • phobia disorder,
      • poor self-esteem
      • sports and academic performance
      • fear of flying
      • public speaking anxiety, fear of flying
      • childhood trauma
      • family of origin issues
      • symptoms of PTSD
      • and more….

“Energy Psychology” & EFT Healing Therapy

EFT is an “energy psychology,” whose premise is that our bodies have meridians through which energy flows. When we’re healthy emotionally and physically, it means that the energy is flowing freely. When we’re ill or experiencing various forms of emotional discomfort or pain, something has short-circuited in the energy system. Asian medicine has realized this for thousands of years, and has pioneered the use of acupuncture for anesthesia and to heal a number of illnesses.When your energy system short-circuits, negative emotions result that can manifest as anxiety, fears, depression,  symptoms of PTSD, and so on. They can also manifest as pain, illnesses, addictions (which are actually attempts to tranquilize negative emotions), phobias, etc.

Getting Your Inner and Outer Self “on the same page” means quicker healing

One problem that occurs frequently with most healing methods–be it medical, alternative, body therapies, or psychotherapy–is that people try these methods for a long time and nothing much changes. This is because, for many of us, we definitely want to and intend to get better and heal, but there is also a part of us that is somehow against healing emotional pain or physical pain, or is afraid to get better for some reason. For example, we may feel we don’t deserve to feel good, or our parents told us we were not good enough in various ways and we’ve internalized that, or–in the case of chronic illnesses or addictions, for example–we would have to make major changes in our lives if we heal.

Psychological Reversal

These are all unconscious resistances, not conscious. They don’t mean we’re weak or have a character flaw. They are basically the result of being alive on the planet, where we receive all kinds of criticisms and negative actions coming our way, and we develop negative beliefs about ourselves because of them. EFT has a built-in way to deal with these psychological reversals.

EFT is easy

The EFT method is quite simple, and you can learn to use it yourself to work on your issues. We first tune in to the issue and then balance the energy system by (manually, not with needles) stimulating  various energy meridian endpoints.

Think of a TV set

When it’s functioning normally, a TV has electricity flowing through it. If you take a screwdriver and touch parts of the insides, however, it will short circuit and the best you’ll get is static. This will continue until you take the screwdriver out. We can make a parallel with our own body’s energy system. Sometimes something happens to ”short-circuit” it; the result is some kind of “negative” emotion–fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, even panic attacks, for example. The factor that short-circuits us could be a traumatic event or something else that we may not even remember. The result can be emotional or physical. If we tune in to the event, the emotion, or the physical pain, using EFT, we can correct the short-circuit. Often, the issue will clear up quite quickly. Other times, it takes some persistence to alleviate the issue.

EFT is effective with all kinds of painful experiences

As mentioned above, EFT is effective with traumas. 

What is Trauma?

Trauma can be caused by injury to the your body, such as accidents, falls, being hit by flying objects, surgeries, assaults, physical abuse, etc. It can also be caused by emotional events or patterns in one’s life, such as emotional, sexual and psychological abuse or sexual assault; parents or others who often criticized us; seeing someone else being hurt, or even hearing about someone getting hurt; or accidentally or purposefully hurting someone else ourselves–for example, war veterans who had to hurt or kill the enemy.

There have been several scientific studies showing that EFT is an effective method. Although it has had great results for many people, there is, of course, no guarantee that it will be as effective for you. For more information on how stress and trauma affect us, see my page on Stress and Trauma.

Examples of EFT’s effectiveness:

A client suffering for years from constant constricted breathing due to asthma had her breathing dramatically freed-up during her first EFT session.

A client suffering from serious sensitivities to chemical fragrances: he would get severe headaches within a short time of breathing in chemicals common in his everyday environment. Within moments, his headache disappeared.

A client suffering from 6 years of grief over the death of her mother had significant relief in one session. She said, “Thank you; I’m sincerely very blessed to have chosen you from Gary’s newsletter articles (the founder of EFT) to utilize your expertise in my healing.”

A client with a stubborn pain in her mid-back was completely pain-free in ten minutes.

A client who had experienced two brain injuries and many cognitive, work-related and relationship difficulties for many years experienced significant improvement in all these areas in 6 sessions.



“I have suffered from acid reflux and irritable bowel disease for about 8 years very seriously. I have had severe pain in my chest and throat, awful burning pain. I used to take prescription medicine, but that was making me sicker. Through my work with Zoe, I have been able to stop taking any medicine including over-the-counter. EFT has changed my life. I am able to do this on myself whenever I need it and it pretty much stops the pain!  I didn’t know what to think as we started this process–it’s kind of weird–but after it started to help, I then became a believer. I thank Zoe for helping me learn how to control my pain. It has freed me on a very grand level.”   C.T.


 ”I was recommended by my doctor to Zoe Zimmermann after I was diagnosed with PTSD following a horrible experience with a dental procedure. I was having panic atacks and needed to speak with a trauma therapist. I reluctantly went to see Zoe, found that after meeting with her, it was really helping me. She not only helped me work through my anxiety in her office, but used different approaches to how I can help myself through a panic attack if I had one. She even came to my aid when I was rear-ended on my way to her office and we had a session in the back seat of my car. As of today, I haven’t had a panic attack since close to the beginning of seeing Zoe. And I feel that I am past the trauma that I experienced. Although, if I feel that I am experiencing any form of anxiety or panic that I am unable to get through, I know I can always call Zoe. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.”  D.W.                                               




Please see the EFT Case Studies page for more detail on how EFT works and what it looks like.

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