EFT for After-Effects of Accidents

Most people who have been in a vehicular accident—car, bike, whatever—notice that after that, they’re more nervous on the road—some people even feel panic or unexplained anger. That’s because, when something scary like that happens, our nervous systems automatically go into “threat mode.” No matter how much we tell ourselves that it was an accident, it’s over, it’s not likely to happen again, our nervous system is saying, “It happened once, now I have to be alert all the time.” This is PTSD.

Accidents Create Nervous System Defensive Responses

Most accidents, by their very nature, happen very quickly. A lot is going on all at once, and our body and emotions are trying to react to all of it, but they can’t. The reactions are called “defensive responses.” Think of taking a martial arts class: somebody comes at you and you go into a defensive posture and as they make contact, you follow through with your defense. You’re learning how to do that in the class, and you practice by doing it slowly, over and over.

When you’re in an accident, something is coming at you, and your body and emotions automatically try to move into defense, but they don’t get a chance to follow through on anything. Many defensive responses get stuck—and stay stuck—inside you. That’s why you have those automatic flinches and shots of adrenaline going through you in traffic.

Clients Who Have Had Accidents

One person I know gets these shots of adrenaline when she’s a passenger in a car and the driver gets too close to the car ahead—she once had an airbag go off in her face. When she’s sitting in the front passenger seat, she also pushes the seat back as far as it will go.

A client who had been hit by a car on her bike when the car suddenly swerved into her lane could not face going through the intersection near where it happened. She not only had trouble riding her bike, she was constantly having near-panic reactions whenever anyone came from the left.

Automatic Fear Reactions After Accidents Persist

These are “normal” automatic reactions after accidents, and they don’t tend to go away. If a person has had more than one accident, the nervous system reactions tend to get stronger over time.

 EFT Tapping is Effective for Healing Accident After-Effects

I’ve used EFT Tapping with a number of people who have been involved in accidents—cars, bicycles, falling, and others. I’ve found that EFT is extremely effective in helping people get over the nervous system after-effects: phobias, fears, nervousness, anxiety, panic, difficulty sleeping, intrusive memories of the accident, unexplainable anger, physical pain and emotional pain. In my experience, they are all quite quickly alleviated with EFT.

For more information on how EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) works, see my EFT and EFT Case Studies pages, and my page on Stress & Trauma.

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