EFT Helps With PTSD, Part 3

PTSD: Everything Startles You or Makes You Mad

 When you’ve been terrified or hurt, either once or many times, one after-effect can be that you’re hypersensitive to anything that happens inside you or around you that reminds you even slightly of that event or pattern of events. Automatically and immediately, your body reacts with fear and your emotions ratchet up. Your heart rate might go up, you might get hot or go into a cold sweat, you might have trouble breathing, your muscles may tense up—when other people would just notice something and not be affected at all. One word for this is “hyperarousal.”

Tornado Across the Alley

I had a client whose neighbors’ house was demolished by a tornado. My client was in his own house, just across the alley, and heard that horrible roar and saw the black swirling cloud out his kitchen window. The tornado missed his house, but his body, mind and emotions continued to feel the threat. A year later, he still couldn’t sleep, small unexpected rushing sounds still made his heart beat faster, and he had sudden unexplained anxiety all through the day and night.

EFT Tapping Eliminated PTSD Symptoms

Usually several sessions of EFT tapping—moving through tapping on the sound, the sight of the tornado, the terror, the anticipation, seeing the neighbor’s house being mowed down, the general feeling of helplessness, the fear of a recurrence—will clear up the symptoms of PTSD from an event like this.  With this particular client, there had been previous trauma, and so we started with earlier events that brought about anxiety reactions similar to those brought on by the tornado. Within one session, he was able to sleep again and within a couple more, his general anxiety was down.

Emotional Freedom With EFT

Usually one to three EFT Tapping Sessions clears a single frightening or painful event. More complicated situations—such as when a person has PTSD from multiple accidents, a pattern of childhood abuse or neglect, war experiences, and other more complex traumas—will take longer. But relief often begins quickly and PTSD symptoms, including hyperarousal, generally continue to drop off quickly. And generally, whatever symptoms have been eliminated are permanently eliminated. The definition of emotional freedom!

For more information on PTSD, see my previous blogs, EFT Helps With PTSD, Part 1Part 2–Self-Destructive and Impulsive Behavior , and my website, EFT-Emotionalfreedom.com .

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