EFT with Physical Pain

Getting to the Root of Pain with EFT

Just as we need to get to the core issue with emotional trauma, when we’re dealing with physical pain, we usually need to find the emotional pain that’s at the root of it. And just as with emotionally painful issues, there are a number of ways to get at the emotional trauma root of physical pain. Below I’ll talk about two of them.

EFT Process–Finding the Root of Physical Pain

When Did it Start?

Often, an emotionally painful event occurs either right before a physical pain starts, or it could have happened up to six months before. For example, I had a client who had been suffering from stomach pain for a couple of weeks solid. When I asked him what had been happening before it started, he said that several weeks before, his old boss was replaced by a new boss, who was demeaning to him. This made him worry that his own supervisees would no longer respect him, which could have long-term negative effects in his own job. When used EFT Tapping on the various emotions this situation triggered, the stomach pain went away completely.

EFT & Emotional Healing

Getting at the experience of the pain

With pain, it’s useful to think of it this way: there are two parts of you

  • the victim of the pain, the one who’s feeling it
  • the “pain maker.”

We’re trying to get at the goal of the pain maker. First, let’s think of the pain maker as a part of you that is totally on your side and is trying to help you bring something into your life that you haven’t been aware of yet. I know, that’s a new way to look at it, but bear with me. Say you have a headache. We would have you describe the pain. You might say it’s like a hammer pounding on the side of your head. The pain maker is the hammer. Now, if you assume there’s something right about that and you become the hammer, you can pound on something while thinking about why the “regular” you is needing you, the hammer, to pound like that. As you pound for a bit, you might realize that you’re a judge pounding her gavel. You’re a judge that has no difficulty in making clear, quick decisions.

EFT Tapping on What We Discover

Now we can tap. I bet the above person has trouble making decisions or asserting herself—otherwise, she wouldn’t have needed the hammer to draw her attention to the issue. Now we can go into detail about how this appears in her life and then tap on this difficulty making decisions, being clear about what she wants, or standing up for what she needs using Emotional Freedom Techniques.

For more information on working with pain, see my website pages on EFT Case Studies and specifically EFT Case Studies with Physical Pain and Physical Illness.

This is Part II of II. To see Part I, go to How to Get to the Core with EFT

Wishing you a free and joyous life!

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