EFT Case Studies

How EFT works and looks

First, I’d like to explain a bit about how EFT looks and concretely how it works, and then I give detailed examples of  clients whose emotional turmoil, trauma, or physical pain and illness was eliminated, and several examples of clients with serious family of origin issues whose lives and relationships became freer and happier.

EFT is extremely effective with childhood abuse, phobias, anxiety, weight issues, any kind of emotional pain or physical pain, fears, sports performance issues, addictions and much more. In addition, EFT is a very effective PTSD treatment. (You can get more details about EFT by clicking on the EFT page of this website).

EFT is a very flexible improvement tool that can be used for just about everything. 


I’m using my version of it here and have had extraordinary results and urge you to contact me for more at zoeric@comcast.net


Welcoming in our “resister” is one thing that makes EFT extremely effective

When we have a problem, be it a physical pain or illness, a trauma, fear, an emotional issue, or whatever, we have a conscious intention to have the problem get better or go away. However, there are often also other, less conscious, parts of us that resist getting over the problem, for various reasons. EFT deals with both of these parts. To deal with the “resistant” part, we say “Even though I have (this problem)…” and then we say a statement that essentially says that we accept ourselves anyway, even with this problem. This statement comes in various forms, but we’re always embracing ourselves, including the problem that we have. Then we tap on specific energy meridian endpoints, saying variations of the problem and also often imagining the solution. When this is done in a therapy setting, I listen to how the client describes the issue and then give phrases that captures the essence of what the client has said, and the client repeats the phrases while tapping each point one at a time.

You’ll see that, for purposes of brevity, in the descriptions of sessions below, I often have just written in the “even though” statement, if the tapping statements are just a restatement of  the “even though” statement. If there is more information in the tapping part, I write it in. In sessions, of course, the statements always include more than just the “even though…”

One-time painful events, or short-term physical pains can often be healed in only a few sessions!

A series of painful events, chronic abuse, or chronic pain often takes longer, though usually people being to feel some easing of emotional and/or physical pain relatively quickly.

(Note: SUDS level means Subjective Units of Distress, where 0 is no distress and 10 is the worst the person can imagine)

EFT Case Studies

EFT With Emotional Pain and Trauma–Case Studies

EFT With Physical Pain and Illness–Case Studies

EFT With Family of Origin Issues–Case Studies

“I found working with Zoe to be exceptionally effective.

Her skills as a therapist allowed me to zero in and get

clarity from the issues swirling around for me, and then

using the EFT ‘tapping’ technique we quickly got results

in shifting my vantage point. It was a relief and I’m

more than satisfied with my results.” I.J.



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