Here’s an EFT Exercise for Accepting Yourself

Do you ever look around amazed that the world actually exists? Doesn’t it seem miraculous: cars, blossoming trees, houses, rivers, insects and birds—us? Wow! How wonder-ful and rare this all is in the universe (if not downright unique)! Which makes me realize how precious each living thing is—does that happen to you, too? That means that each person is precious, which means all of us. Which means you, too! Each of us with our specific self, our specific personality, talents, “weaknesses,” quirks—it’s like each of you is a gift to the world put here specifically to be who you are. Right?

It would make sense, then, that we’d want to make the most out of our time here. To be happy as often as we can. To love all this awesome stuff that we’re surrounded by. But we often get down and feel all alone; we’re often scared, sad and worried or depressed. Then we feel helpless and powerless. Our thinking becomes global versus specific: everything has always been awful and always will be awful.

A Metaphorical EFT Exercise to Transform Unhappiness into Acceptance
Notice exactly what you’re experiencing—let’s say someone disapproved of something you did. You’re thinking “everyone hates me.” Let’s drill down into that a bit: what is the experience you’re having inside yourself when you think that? Do you feel all alone in the world? What is that feeling made up of? What color is it, for instance? Is it black or gray or white, or…? Where do you see yourself: in a desert? In the middle of the ocean? In a white fog? Or where? Maybe you can be there in that place, accepting it as a place to be, for right now. Not spinning out with thoughts that you’re going to be there forever, just accepting this place right now.

I learned a version of the next part of this exercise from my colleague,Rue Hass. I’ve found it to be very helpful. So–Look around you in your imagination. What else is there beside you, above you, below you? Maybe you can draw yourself in this environment, or just imagine it really vividly. Then say to yourself that you accept yourself in this environment. That this is the way it seems and that you’re open to seeing it a different way. Then you can notice if anything has changed in your imagination scene. Often it does change. You can also notice what you might do with your own body and muscles to change your place in the scene so that it will feel better to you.

If you feel like it, you can drill down like this with any experience you’re having—sadness, for instance. If you feel like it, notice the feeling, the color, texture, the scene you’re in, what’s around you and accept being there just for right now. Then go further into the exercise.

I’ve often used this with clients while doing EFT Tapping with them. As we tap on whatever they’re seeing, the scene keeps changing and getting better and often, at the end, the person comes up with a solution that’s is at the same time obvious and is something they never would have thought of before! If you’d like to try it, contact me at or call 303-444-1195.

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