Prolonged Grief Can Be A Sign of PTSD

Grief can be debilitating, whether it’s grief over the death of a loved one or loss through divorce—or any other kind of loss. Grief is natural, as painful and wrenching as it is. When we experience loss, instinctively, we often feel it as a threat to our own survival—maybe not literally, but on a deep, emotional level.

Prolonged Grief Can be a Sign of PTSD

I worked with a client once whose child died through very painful circumstances. A number of years later, he was still experiencing extreme anxiety and even the spaciness and distorted vision that are among the signs of traumatic stress, whenever he thought about the circumstances around his child’s death. A year after the loss, another client, whose partner left her for someone else continued to feel extreme loss, depression, and inability to focus at work.  These are all signs of PTSD.

It’s Hard to Give Up Grief

As painful as the experience of grief and loss can be, for some people, it’s even harder to move on from grief and loss. In one instance, a client felt that, if she let go of her grief, she would be condoning what happened around her child’s death. In another, it felt that the feeling of grief was the only thing still connecting my client to the person that was lost, and there was the belief that giving it up would sever this last connection. There are many other ways that holding onto grief seems to help one keep ones identity, one’s sense of justice and one’s connection to the one lost. I say “seems to help,” because, in reality, this holding on doesn’t actually help and indeed stops us from finding a new real connection or a new real identity.

EFT is Effective with Grief and Loss

As I said, grief is natural, but debilitating grief and prolonged intense grief can be a sign of PTSD, or traumatic stress. I’ve worked with a number of clients experiencing this kind of “PTSD grief,” and have found EFT Tapping very effective in relieving people and helping them to move forward with their lives. If you’d like to know more, see my pages on Stress and Trauma, EFT and EFT Case Studies, and check out my E-zine article on grief.

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