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Couples and Other Relationships


When two people first meet, they often are open to each other and share themselves easily and freely. Over time, this can change to being closed, mistrustful, fearful, and/or angry. One or more things often happen that creates this change:

 Assuming we know what the other person means.

 Without really being aware of it, we often begin to interpret each others’ behavior, or assume that when the other says something or does something, it means what we would mean if we said or did that. Neither person is aware that they’re making assumptions nor knows whether the assumptions are accurate–or not!

I help you become aware of assumptions and to bring your new awareness into the relationship through constructive actions.

I have a number of blog posts with lots of information on Relationships Counseling. Check them out!

Painful patterns from past relationships unconsciously get “overlaid” onto current ones. 

One or both of you may be overlaying past relationship patterns onto current partners, friends or colleagues. We often seem to become close with someone who unconsciously reminds us of the parent or sibling with whom we had difficulties in relationship as children. Specific patterns of relationship are created in our birth families that we seem unconsciously to create over and over again in intimate or close relationships as adults.

I help you take this re-creation of painful family dynamics and use it as an opportunity to change the patterns, to learn to interact in a new, healthier and effective way with the people you’re close to.

I help you transform patterns of being criticized or critical toward others, or from experiencing your life in relationship as anxiety-ridden, lonely and unvalued into relationships where you feel a sense of belonging, support, love and encouragement to be yourself.

For more information on childhood family dynamics and how I work with them, see my Family Therapy page and my blogs on  Childhood Family Patterns.

Tools to encourage positive change.

 You and/or your partner may be unaware of tools or behaviors that support and encourage openness and a feeling of love, safety and belonging in the relationship.

I work with you to develop and practice these tools with each other.

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