EFT Alleviates Phobia of Dying

Many of us, at some point in our lives, start obsessing about dying. Or, as children, we worry constantly about our parents dying. It seems to come in waves, we go through phases with this death anxiety.

I had a client recently who had a serious condition that would put him in danger of sudden death, and unable to breathe. Even after the illness was healed, he continued to fear sudden death, to the extent of having panic attacks. He had several surgeries

Panic Attacks Wake Him up While Sleeping

He mentioned that, often he would be sleeping calmly and suddenly wake up dizzy, the room spinning around him, gasping for fear of not being able to breathe, even though in reality his breathing was fine.

EFT Tapping on Panic Upon Waking

I decided to start by working on this panic upon waking by having him describe a recent event. As usually happens, the physical symptoms and fear started up right then. We used EFT Tapping on the feeling of dizziness, floatiness, feeling of tightness in his chest that was happening right then. He also noticed that he was having trouble focusing his eyes. Very quickly, the dizziness and floatiness abated and he was able to focus his eyes. His chest was still tight, however.

Chest Tightness Connected to Panic

Using EFT, we worked with the super-alert panic of the fear that he wouldn’t be able to breathe. This eased the tightness in his chest. He realized he wasn’t scared anymore.

Room Spinning is a Sign of Trauma

Next I had him describe how the room spins when he wakes up suddenly. The room started to spin a bit right then.  We did EFT Tapping on that, and the spinning stopped. He felt calm about that, too.

EFT Heals Fear of Death

I had thought we might need more sessions to deal with the aftermath of the surgeries around his condition, but it turned out that his severe fear of death was alleviated after just this one session. After not hearing from him for some time, I called to follow up. He had not been thinking about panic. In fact, he had gotten caught up in all the activities of his life and felt he was just too busy to set up another session. Before this, he never went through a day without several times of panic.

EFT is Effective with Phobias of All Kinds

Although this was quite an amazing turn-around—phobias are not always alleviated after just one session—phobias ARE very often successfully healed using EFT. See my other blog post on EFT with a storm phobia. Also, check out my webpages on EFT and EFT Case Studies for some of the other issues EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) can help with.

Wishing you a free and joyous life,


Ask Zoe: Can I do EFT At Home Effectively?


Martin asked recently: “Can I do EFT at home once I’ve had a session and is it just as effective?

That’s kind of a complicated question. You can definitely do EFT at home. Many of my clients do it. It seems to work best as a maintenance and continuity program in between sessions, at least at first. I once had a client with severe recurrent depression who came to me at the beginning of such a period of depression. He came to me once a week for six weeks. At the end of each session, I gave him phrases to use that came out of the session. He did EFT Tapping on his own several times a day, using these and other phrases. He had such dramatic improvement that the depression was resolved and he felt fine stopping therapy at that point. On follow-up some weeks later, he was still doing fine.

There are several main points about EFT Tapping on your own:

  1. For it to be effective, you need to do it several times a day.
  2. It’s important to be as specific as possible with your issue when you tap with EFT. See my video on my website for pointers.
  3. If you have severe trauma or severe anxiety, it’s best to start with a therapist so he or she can make sure you’re ok and so that she/he can give you specific EFT Tapping sequences and let you know what to watch out for. See my free E-Report for how to recognize symptoms of stress and trauma.

Have fun tapping!

Wishing you a free and joyous life,



Can EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Make Me Hate French Fries?

Jerri wrote, “Can EFT make me hate french fries?”

That’s an interesting and complex question. Regarding the french fries: if you love french fries so much that you can’t stop yourself from eating them, even though you feel they’re not good for you, EFT can help with that. The way we do EFT Tapping with what’s basically an addiction, is two-fold. The first level is this: whenever you have an urge to eat french fries, tap on “Even though I really really want those french fries. I want that hot crispy taste, I deeply and completely accept myself.” (to find out more about tapping, contact me, and I’ll send you directions). When you do one or more rounds of EFT Tapping on each thing that’s, right now, really tempting you (the specific smell of fries, maybe; the way they look, the way it feels to chew them, etc), you’ll probably notice that it takes away the craving in the moment. Often, though, this level doesn’t keep the craving away. If you stay with this level, you’d need to tap every time you have the craving. Eventually, it’ll stop the craving, but this way isn’t the most efficient.

The second level has to do with how the french fry craving started. Cravings have two sides to them–one side is anxiety and the other is relief from anxiety. With EFT, we go into what specific feelings fries evoke for you (a certain kind of comfort, sense of belonging, peace, etc) and when you had those feelings (family picnics, sitting around the dinner table as a kid, watching TV with friends, etc). We then tap on those. Often, cravings have to do with a state of mind we’re trying to achieve, something we need in our lives. If we can discover how to get to this state of mind, it often makes the “means” of getting there (the substance or food) unnecessary.

So, EFT doesn’t make you “hate” french fries. It’s more that it can just make them irrelevant and take away the energy around them. In this way, you achieve “emotional freedom.”