EFT Heals Animals with PTSD

EFT Can Help Animals Experiencing Emotional Pain

A while ago, I  read a heartbreaking story in the McClatchy Newspapers (article by Chris Adams, 4.24.11) detailing how scientific research on apes has created PTSD symptoms in them  .  One ape went from being friendly with other apes to becoming very aggressive with a female who shared his cage. Another began to bite himself and a third became very depressed. There are many other examples. These are all signs of traumatic stress, or PTSD, in animals.

Surrogate EFT Tapping

There is a kind of EFT Tapping that often helps to heal the emotional pain of animals after they are traumatized. It’s called “surrogate” EFT Tapping. That is, we can have a human step into “being” the animal, imagining into the animal’s experiences around the trauma. All the while, the human is tapping on him/herself, going through all the various emotions that the human imagines the animal went through during the trauma. It may seem weird or “magical,” but often, it works!

Surrogate EFT Tapping With a Traumatized Horse

A while ago, I did some surrogate EFT Tapping with a horse and his owner. This horse had been experiencing clear symptoms of PTSD for quite a long time and, after about an hour of surrogate tapping, was completely calmed down and stayed that way permanently! Check out my article, “Surrogate EFT Tapping Cures Horse’s Trauma.” Also, for EFT with humans, click for my EFT and EFT Case Studies pages.

Wishing you (and your animals) a free and joyous life,