Kind Words from Clients

A Letter from R.E.:

“A while ago, you asked me if I might write a paragraph or two about my healing experiences with you using Emotional Freedom Techniques.  It has taken me all this time to be able to respond in an appropriate manner with due respect for your profound talents of applying EFT methods to me. There are no words I can find to accurately describe the seismic shifting I have experienced in my body, mind, and nervous system, as when you helped me to open the floodgates to begin releasing some 50+ years of stored-up physical, psychological, and electrically-charged trauma (PTSD). The way I currently respond to external events in my life is so diametrically opposed to how I previously reacted before I began working with you.  I have kinda been suspecting the other shoe to drop, but, to my great delight, it hasn’t!  (is this better than chocolate! or, what?!). Using your compassionate gentle guidance, EFT, and your wonderful insights, you have brought me to a place of Peace I didn’t know existed.  There are really no words, except a HUGE hug, tears of Joy, and a Gi-normous Thank You, from the bottom of my Heart and Soul.”

Letter from C.T.:

“I have suffered from acid reflux and irritable bowel disease for about 8 years very seriously. I have had severe pain in my chest and throat, awful burning pain. I used to take prescription medicine, but that was making me sicker. Through my work with Zoe, I have been able to stop taking any medicine including over-the-counter. EFT has changed my life. I am able to do this on myself whenever I need it and it pretty much stops the pain!  I didn’t know what to think as we started this process–it’s kind of weird–but after it started to help, I then became a believer. I thank Zoe for helping me learn how to control my pain. It has freed me on a very grand level.”  

Letter from D.W.:

“I was recommended by my doctor to Zoe Zimmermann after I was diagnosed with PTSD following a horrible experience with a dental procedure. I was having panic atacks and needed to speak with a trauma therapist. I reluctantly went to see Zoe, found that after meeting with her, it was really helping me. She not only helped me work through my anxiety in her office, but used different approaches to how I can help myself through a panic attack if I had one. She even came to my aid when I was rear-ended on my way to her office and we had a session in the back seat of my car. As of today, I haven’t had a panic attack since close to the beginning of seeing Zoe. And I feel that I am past the trauma that I experienced. Although, if I feel that I am experiencing any form of anxiety or panic that I am unable to get through, I know I can always call Zoe. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.” 

 Recommendations from Organizational Clients

Board Member of a local grocery store:

“Though numerous consultants have offered their time, energy and advice on how to improve the work environment of (our organization), none have offered as profound an analysis of the problems we face…(Zoe and her colleagues) were able to draw out causes and consequences of a far greater depth than any of the other, often highly qualified consultants I have worked with…Zoe’s facilitation skills allow for the uncovering of the full experience of major players in a manner few consultants could match.”

Rabbis of a synagogue:

“… we are now aware of the dynamics that underlie the difficulties in our congregation and the dysfunctional interpersonal patterns that have appeared consistently over the years in the organizations with which we have been associated. We now have the tools to understand what lies underneath difficult issues, conversations and reactivity in the people in the groups that we lead.  Second, … we have changed as leaders and our long-standing patterns of relating to congregants and peers in organizations has become much more effective. We realized that who we were and how we responded to situations was a factor in the difficulties of the groups we led. …we now have the tools to react differently. Third, as a result of our new understanding of group dynamics and the changes we have made in ourselves, we are seeing profound shifts in some of our relationships with our congregants. This, in turn, ripples out to others.”

Manager of an HOA for a large condo complex:

“Managing one of the largest HOA’s in Boulder, I needed professional assistance on building a communication policy for clear, singular messaging to our large community of owners and renters. Zoe spent hours reviewing our unique, self managed, volunteer HOA board, large pool of owners and on-site staff. Zoe was the key consultant in drafting and implementing a common sense, professional policy that has improved community relations and management 100%. I am in her debt for her services to our community!

Barney Moran Manager, Remington Post HOA


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